If the World Ends Before New Rick & Morty, I’ll Be So Pissed

Marcus Calloway sits down to discuss his trepidation about the end of the world.

[Opinion] Marcus Calloway, DENVER, CO 

If you’re like me, your life was nearly completed upon the announcement of 70 (seventy) new Rick & Morty episodes.  But of course, with my luck, they announce new Rick & Morty episodes on the eve of World War III.   Now I, like most of you, am totally open-minded toward the apocalypse.  In fact, if Season 4 of Rick & Morty had been cancelled, I’d be ready right now to end this fucking universe and start all over.

If Trump and Netanyahu wanted to start World War III last week, we all would have been totally cool with it – but now, it’s like, we finally have something to live for again, if only a few more years.  I swear, if the world ends before new Rick & Morty episodes come out, I’ll be so pissed.  I think we can all agree that an eternal afterlife with more than 100 episodes of Rick & Morty doesn’t sound so bad.  However, I personally, can’t even express how fuming mad I would be, if forced into an afterlife, in which 70 promised episodes of Rick & Morty had never come to pass.

I mean, c’mon, we’ve already made it a couple thousand years as a species, I think we can tolerate each other for just a fraction of that, until Rick & Morty is finally cancelled; at which point, let the bombs drop, ‘cause I’m done with this shit hole of a planet.