Laurel: “Stop Calling Me Yanny!”

[OPINION]: Laurel Peterson

“No, my name is not Yanny.  I said Laurel.  You incorrectly heard Yanny.  You were wrong when you heard that.  I’m not going to pretend that you’re right and change my name to Yanny, just because you can’t admit you made a mistake.  Here, look at my birth certificate, I’m not lying, it says Laurel Peterson right there.

“And don’t even start with the color of my dress.  The color of my dress is empirically blue and black and just because your vision is construed or the lighting is funky, doesn’t make your perception factual.  The only thing that is factual is your incorrect perception of the facts.

“You being allowed to live your life believing that my name is Yanny, or that my dress is gold and white, is the ideological equivalent to every participant getting a trophy.  You were incorrect and if you refuse to admit that, your opinion is not valid.  God dammit, my name is Laurel.”

Laurel Peterson tired of having her name confused.

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